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Studio Wim Creations

Welcome to the Studio Wim Creations page. Wim creates art that not only decorates, but also deeply resonates. Come and discover a world where every piece tells a story, evokes emotions and inspires the imagination. Explore the unique creations that combine beauty and meaning, crafted with passion and creativity. Welcome to a journey of artistic expression and connection.

My story

My name is Wim Verhoeven, I am an entrepreneur, coach and artist. Together with my wife and two sons I live on a beautiful estate in Arendonk, Belgium, where we strive for a self-sufficient lifestyle.

My wife and I manage an extensive real estate portfolio, which provides us with a solid foundation to pursue our passions. As a coach, I guide people in their personal life processes, using unique methods such as horse coaching and breathwork. These techniques help individuals gain deeper insights and promote personal growth.

In addition to my work as a coach, my heart lies in creating art. Converting an idea in my head into a tangible work of art gives me enormous satisfaction. It is a passion that constantly inspires and motivates me to take on new creative challenges and brings me fully into the here and now.

Why I started creating


In 2004 we founded a 3D printing company, the first of its kind in Belgium and the Netherlands. We mainly operated in the creative sector and worked with advertising agencies, architects, designers and artists. Our unique approach quickly earned us a good reputation in the art world, collaborating with renowned artists worldwide.

After selling this company, my passion for technology continued, which I combined with a new interest in ancient civilizations, sacred geometry and nature. It fascinates me how in modern times we are often ignorant of this ancient knowledge that reveals the magic of life. Ancient civilizations lived much more in harmony with cosmic and natural elements and used them effectively. Today we rely completely on science and technology. While this has brought us much progress, we could make significant leaps forward by integrating the ancient wisdom of the esoteric world.

Figures such as Michelangelo and Nikola Tesla are examples of famous individuals who possessed this knowledge. Concepts such as the Fibonacci sequence and the Flower of Life are often considered alternative knowledge. The Fibonacci sequence is a mathematical series in which each number is the sum of the two previous numbers. This series is common in nature, for example in the patterns of leaves, flowers and shells. It is sometimes called the "fingerprint of God" because of its universal presence and aesthetic pattern.


For example, the Flower of Life is one of the oldest symbols found in our civilization. These symbols are often overlooked and relegated to an alternative niche and yet these ancient symbols contain more wisdom than the first impression suggests.
By nature I am someone who brings about change, which is often met with resistance because I can be very firm and clear in my approach. However, with my art I do not experience this resistance.
Through my art I can convey a message through an object that is free from judgment.
The objects are decorative but always contain a link to nature, esotericism and sacred geometry. For me it is a true outlet for knowledge and creativity, and my work is positively received.


My studio

In my home studio I work with 3D printers and a laser cutter. I mainly use natural materials so that my creations are both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. My 3D prints are made from PLA, a biodegradable plastic derived from lactic acid. Lactic acid is extracted from agricultural crops such as corn and sugar cane, making PLA a sustainable choice.

For my laser carvings I only use wood, a timeless and versatile material that adds a natural warmth to my creations. Each piece is carefully finished with natural paint, rich in lime. This lime content not only improves the durability of the paint, but also adds unique character to the artwork, giving it an extra layer of depth and texture.


Create consciously


In my artistic process I am committed to sustainability and the integrity of materials. By using PLA and wood I ensure that my creations are not only beautiful, but also environmentally friendly. The use of natural paint is in line with this philosophy, allowing each piece to retain its organic appearance while being distinguished by its unique appearance.


Innovation and tradition

Combining the precision of 3D printing and laser cutting with the organic quality of natural materials creates a unique synergy in my work. The advanced technology allows for intricate designs and precise detailing, while the use of wood and lime-rich paint gives each piece a sense of tradition and timelessness.

Wim at work

Discover my art


I invite you to explore the art that comes from my home studio. Each piece is a testament to the harmonious blend of technology, nature, innovation and positive intention. Experience the uniqueness and esoteric mysteries of my handmade works of art. Discover how they can add a touch of elegance and meaning to any space.



Do you want to have a personalized work of art made? One that is fully tailored to your family, business and soul? Wim would be happy to visit you for a conversation and then return with a proposal. In addition to art objects, Wim can also provide complete decorations. With craftsmanship and an eye for detail, he transforms your home, business or ceremonial space into a work of art.



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