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Welcome to Unfold Yourself,

our inspiring center for self-development.

“Let us grow and prosper together, fostering wisdom and unity on our journey.”

 Our mission is to help you thrive amidst the chaos, and our vision is rooted in the belief that a deep understanding of yourself is the key to a fulfilling life.

"The meaning of life is just to be alive.
It is so plain and so obvious and so simple.
And yet, everyone rushes around in a great panic as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves."

- Alan Watts -

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

-C.G. Jung -

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Discover our fascinating podcast, where we embark on a journey of discovery with our guests in the fascinating world of intuition.

The Feel School podcast acts as a counterweight to the increasingly rational world. At a time when we sometimes forget that we are also very sensitive beings. Be inspired how we can navigate our intuition and discover the depths of your inner compass

(Dutch only).


The Voel School podcast

Unfolded Minds:

Intuitive intelligence in the age of distraction and awareness


In "Unfolded minds" deelt Wim Verhoeven zijn transitie van de maatschappelijke ratrace naar een leven meer in harmonie met de natuur en zijn ware zelf. Hij verkent oude wijsheid, sjamanistische lessen, wetenschappelijke inzichten, mythen en de band tussen mens en natuur, vaak genegeerd in onze moderne samenleving. Verhoeven, actief als paardencoach en ademhalingstherapeut, onthult hoe hij tot diepgaande levensinzichten kwam. Hij toont aan hoe moderne afleidingen zoals digitale technologie en sociale media ons welzijn en zelfverbinding beïnvloeden. Het boek biedt praktische tips voor een authentieker leven door innerlijke wijsheid, met nadruk op onze natuur. Het moedigt lezers aan om hun innerlijke kompas te volgen en de wonderen van het leven te herontdekken, pleitend voor persoonlijke groei en een diepe menselijke verbinding met onze omgeving.


A connected breathing circle, a great gift for yourself! A beautiful experience, every time. Letting go, being yourself, getting so close to yourself and cleaning up piece by piece. Surrounded by peers and supported by 3 super sweet and beautiful people. Aho

Nicole and Sven

We have already gained some experience with breathing. From the first meeting with Lieve and Wim, we have been regular candidates. The estate is an oasis of peace, the breathing studio furnished as a warm nest. They give the breathing circle as a couple and complement each other perfectly.  You will be welcomed with a touch of humor, connection and, above all, a lot of love. Each breathing circle is different and never repetitive, always innovative. When the magic arises through the connected breathing, there is always someone present to assist you. The tranquility is wonderful and immediately present when they start the workshop. The icing on the cake is the breathing circle outside between the horses and the plane trees. It's up to you to discover it.


The men's retreat brought me a lot, I am still recovering from it. Somehow I have been able to let go of some of my sadness and my self-confidence has grown enormously. I have had difficulty showing my emotions all my life, which has, among other things, created a distance between me and my wife. During the weekend where I met 6 wonderful men, under the guidance of Wim and Mike, it turned out that I was suddenly able to give free rein to my emotions. As Wim himself writes about something, I was literally able to take off a mask and it felt great. I have certainly always wanted to make myself look bigger to other men and to make myself appear better and stronger than I really was. Rooster behavior. When I was standing in a meadow somewhere, crying and cuddling with other men, I realized that I can indeed show my emotions, if it is to these men, why not to my own wife? After returning home my life changed completely. People around me see that I have visibly become much more relaxed and mention this without being asked. But most importantly, the relationship between me and my wife is better than it has ever been. She now sees in me the man she has always missed, we have had conversations like never before. I cried with her, something I had almost never done before.


Very grateful that Unfold came my way. My healing process has started through connected breathing and this in a beautiful, safe and warm environment.  Keep up the good work, you're doing a wonderful job


For me, the breathing circle is a circle where I feel safe and where I find myself at the core of my soul. The unconscious thoughts and emotions create a bridge to the new version of myself. It is nice to feel the connection with the group every time. Thank you Lieve and Wim for guiding us in this circle towards more balance in my life.


"For those who are looking for themselves, a workshop or breathing session with Lieve and Wim is definitely recommended. From the first contact you immediately feel and experience the positive and connecting energy. They figuratively take you along on their path and have empathy for your own being. Unconditional, without judgement... a relief in these times. They guide you in your journey of discovery within yourself. They ARE there with you and for you. Discovering and connecting with like-minded people makes the experience even more powerful. If you are open to working on yourself, Unfold is an obvious and NATURAL choice."


I think the reception is great. A drink, a warm welcome, everything beautifully decorated. Delicious! The explanation is very clear to me, there is room for questions and answers. I think Lieve's meditation is an indispensable part. It is necessary to be able to come to yourself for a while, but I also find opening the circle as a ritual very beautiful and important. It provides a deep connection. The connected breathing was the second time for me and again a magical experience. I can't really explain what's happening. I felt a lot of sadness this time but that was ok. I feel enormous safety, which I almost never experience anywhere as during this breathing circle. The fact that you are guided in a gentle manner also feels very safe. The sensation you feel in your body after connected breathing is very peaceful and gives enormous peace and comfort. I can only say that I really enjoy it with you and would like to come back as soon as possible! For me, the beauty of you is truly wonderful and the safe feeling. I think that's really special. But the professional approach is also impressive. Many thanks, also for receiving the playlist. Greetings,


A path to yourself... Working experientially with horses in this relaxing environment was an intense and very enlightening experience. Wim and his horses invite you with an open and warm attitude to get close to yourself. In this way they offer you opportunities for more (self) awareness, acceptance, gentleness and self-love. Thank you!


Wim and Lieve have the art of creating beautiful, meaningful retreats in full authenticity. You end up in a warm nest where everything is provided and taken care of to perfection. The entire retreat was clearly the result of thorough preparation but also of a creative impulse that inspires. It was wonderful to experience several complementary experiences one after the other that stimulated and nourished the mind, body & soul; from breathwork to constellations with horses, from creative design to moments of reflection, and all in a warm, beautiful and peaceful setting, both in terms of nature and housing, and through the grounding, big-hearted presence of Lieve and Wim. My experience about the family constellations with Ria Verlinden. A deeply mysterious, life-changing day in a picture-book setting. In the middle of nature, under beautiful old trees, surrounded by horses. Wim and Lieve succeed in attracting deeply experienced supervisors and creating a safe, warm framework that takes transformational work to the next level. It is always a pleasure to arrive at the Reinheide (or whatever you want to call it) and surrender and let myself drift along with what flows through this magical place that day.


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