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Coaching with Horses

Coaching with Horses

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We grow when head and heart are in one row

- Wim Verhoeven -

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About Wim

In an idyllic village, surrounded by green meadows and peaceful forests, I spent my childhood at an enchanting riding school. Horses were plentiful, and their majestic presence was all I knew. My days were filled with the clopping of hooves, the soft whinnies and the sweet smell of hay. As a child, there was nothing to talk about other than horses. But as I grew up, the enchantment slowly began to fade. The fascination I once had for these beautiful animals disappeared little by little. Horses lost their magic, and my association with them became negative. I decided it was time to go my own way, away from the world of riding school. For more than two decades I kept horses at bay. I focused on other aspects of life and forgot the connection I had once felt with these beings. It was like a chapter in my life had been closed, and I never thought it would ever be opened again. Until one day my son took me to the riding school, determined to return me to the world I had left behind. With some hesitation I was persuaded to get back on a horse. What happened next exceeded my wildest expectations. During the presence of that majestic animal, I noticed that my thoughts calmed down. I felt more and more in touch with the earth and with my own body. It was as if the horses helped me return to my core, to who I really was. It felt like coming home. These horses seemed to reflect my inner world. She responded to subtle signals deep within, and I began to see that there was more than just physical interaction between human and horse. There was a deeper connection on an emotional and even spiritual level. This experience opened my eyes to new possibilities, an unexpected turn in my life path. Horses brought to light my inner stirrings and showed me that there was still so much to discover, not only about these majestic creatures but also about myself. I became intrigued by the thought that there might be more between heaven and earth, and I started looking into lessons about the connection between horses and coaching. This was the beginning of a journey that would take me deeper into the world of horses and human growth. Ultimately, I even obtained a number of recognized certificates in "coaching with horses" and constellation work. My belief in the power of people grew. Our body sometimes communicates what we need before our thoughts understand it. In my coaching sessions, together with the horses, we look for answers deep within us, using the power of nature and the unconditional love of these beautiful animals. Together we create a natural environment in which you can discover yourself and grow. And so my unexpected return to the world of horses became a journey of personal growth, spiritual discovery and the power of intuition. The story of my heart, once closed, found a new chapter in the world of horses, where "listening to your heart" is not just a metaphor, but a deep truth that I experience daily.

Life is like horses.
When you force it to do something, you`re not creating a good connection.

Wim Verhoeven

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Why horses?

Horses respond when we are part of their environment.
We see how horses read us, what this causes in horses and how they react from their horse.

Which is also called horsenality.
In addition, we can observe that when we are unclear or give mixed signals, the horse is not inclined to come to us, (for example) but rather will keep a distance to keep its own safety.

Horses are simply flight animals.
During the interaction with humans, we see horses always respond from the moment itself.
We also call this the “here and now”. When human experiences a change in thinking and feeling that is coherent, we see the horses respond to this.

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Using horses as intuitive companions: Uses horses to read energy and emotions, which opens the door to profound self-discovery.


Journey of discovery with horses: Together with horses, he looks for safety, meaning, blind spots and patterns for personal growth.


Insights for personal development: Helps to integrate insights into life, which contributes to personal development.


Interactive experiences without driving: Provides interactive experiences with horses without riding them, encouraging meaningful connection.


Balance between thoughts and feelings: Promotes the balance between thoughts and feelings, leading to a free flow of life.


Self-discovery and growth: Guides a journey of self-discovery and growth, supported by equine intuition.


Various coaching approaches: Integrates various methods such as constellation work, Voice Dialogue, and more for a rich coaching experience.

Personal growth and transformation:Offers a multifaceted approach to personal growth and deep transformation.


Multiple levels of exploration and awareness: Allows clients to explore and grow on multiple levels.


atailored to individual needs:Approaches each client uniquely, resulting in a deep and meaningful experience.


Judgmental horses: Horses, who are naturally non-judgmental, read energy and emotions, leading to authentic and unbiased self-discovery.

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3-Session Program:

This package consists of three sessions of coaching with horses. Ideal for those who want to experience the basics of communication and interaction with horses, while gaining important insights about themselves. These sessions open new perspectives and offer an introduction to the healing power of horses.

360 euros

Amounts can be distributed flexibly across each session.


6-Session Intensive Program:

For a more in-depth and enriching experience, we offer six sessions of coaching with horses. This extensive program is perfect for people who are looking for a deeper connection and personal transformation, supported by the intuitive presence of horses. Each session builds on the previous, allowing for a powerful journey of self-discovery and emotional growth.

640 euros

Amounts can be distributed flexibly across each session.

Both routes offer a unique opportunity to develop self-awareness, leadership skills and emotional intelligence, all in the serene presence of horses. A session lasts 1.5 hours and is guided by an expert coach, you will learn to communicate with these beautiful animals and at the same time discover valuable lessons about yourself.

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