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Singing bowl therapy

Singing Bowl Massage  and sound bath are different therapies that use singing bowls made from different alloys of metal. This creates their unique sound. Different shells are placed on or around the body during a session and struck. In this way sounds are released that produce a high vibration that can be felt in every cell of your body.


These high vibrations activate the self-healing capacity of our body. Our cells, which largely consist of water, go through the singing bowls at a higher frequency and vibrate, releasing diseases, stress, traumas, tension that vibrate at lower frequencies. It has been scientifically proven (work by biophysics and biologist Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark and work by the Japanese professor Emoto) that our cells, which are mainly made up of water, get a nicer shape again due to these high frequencies. This brings harmony and tranquility to the body. As a positive consequence, physical and psychological complaints can be remedied and stress, traumas and blockages can be transformed. 

During a sonic healing session, the bowls are placed on or near a client's body and gently struck or rubbed. This creates a series of sounds and vibrations that promote relaxation and well-being. The sound waves produced by the singing bowls penetrate deep into the body and can help reduce stress and tension, stimulate circulation, and promote mental clarity.

The therapy is often described as a meditative and soothing experience. The aim is to create a state of deep relaxation and inner peace, allowing the body to regenerate and activate self-healing processes. Sonic healing sessions are also used for emotional cleansing, relief from anxiety and depression, and can help improve sleep quality.


Reduction of stress and anxiety: Helps lower stress levels and reduce anxiety, contributing to mental well-being.


Promote deep relaxation: Creates a state of deep relaxation, calming both the body and mind.


Improving sleep quality: Can help improve sleep quality, which benefits both physical and mental health.


Increased mental clarity: Encourages mental clarity and focus, which can lead to better decision-making and problem-solving skills.


Emotional cleansing: Supports the process of emotional purification, which contributes to emotional balance and stability.

Reduction of physical tension: Helps release physical tension and can promote muscle relaxation.


Stimulation of creativity: Can stimulate creative thinking processes and promote inspiration.

Balance in energy fields: Helps balance the body's energy fields, contributing to overall well-being.


Strengthening the self-healing capacity: Supports and stimulates the body's self-healing capacity.


Increase self-awareness and intuition: Promotes greater self-awareness and intuition, which can lead to personal growth and self-understanding.


What can you expect?

Each session starts with a short introductory meeting. That way you know who I am and I get to know you too. We leave the everyday hustle and bustle behind for a while, slow down and land in our body through a breathing exercise. A sound bath or sound bowl massage is done with all clothes on. Preferably wear loose, comfortable clothing. 

The sounds and vibrations take you out of your head, out of your stress and tension and into peace and relaxation. 

A session lasts between 1 to 1.5 hours. 

After a session you will notice that you are more relaxed, you have more energy, the sounds and vibrations will make you sleep better and it works on any concentration problems. It has a positive effect on your immunity and your carrying capacity. You will notice that you are stronger in your life again. 

Discover our exclusive one-on-one sessions, tailored to your personal development and growth.
Choose from two carefully selected


3-Month Program:

This program includes one session per month for three months. It is perfect for those who want to give a focused boost to their personal or professional growth.

240 euros

Amounts can be distributed flexibly across each session.


6-Month Intensive Program

For a deeper and longer-lasting transformation, we offer one session per month for six months. This extensive program is ideal for those who want to make profound and lasting changes in their lives.

420 euros

Amounts can be distributed flexibly across each session.

Each path is designed to guide and support you through your unique challenges and goals.

With our one-on-one sessions you invest in yourself, your well-being and your future.

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Although such a singing bowl session is very soothing, it can be quite intense. That is why it is better not to undergo a singing bowl session if you suffer from epilepsy, high blood pressure or heart rhythm disorders. It is also less recommended for people who are prone to thrombosis, have a pacemaker and are pregnant.

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