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Discover yourself in a peaceful environment, free from daily distractions.

Experience a transformative journey that gently encourages self-reflection and personal growth.


Do you feel the call of Awama?

The call to dive deeper into yourself?

A gentle voice within may encourage you to discover your true potential.

It's time to take off the masks that no longer suit you and let your true self emerge. In the authenticity of your own being lies the key to a positive influence on both your own life and the world around you.

Awama, which means 'Awakened Masculinity', is a refuge for men who want to consciously understand their role in the world and actively commit to meaningful transformation.

Understand Yourself Better:

Deepen your self-knowledge and gain insight into your true nature.

Open Yourself to Others:

Learn how to be more open and vulnerable in relationships.

Show Your True Self:

Find the courage to express your authenticity without hesitation.

Dare to Feel:

Allow yourself to feel what lives deep within you and embrace it.

Feel Freer:

Experience a greater sense of freedom in both your thoughts and actions.

Be yourself more:

Become comfortable with who you really are, without external pressure.

Connection with Nature:

Develop a deeper connection with the natural world around you.

Oovercome Personal Barriers:

Break through your own boundaries and limiting beliefs.

Strengthen Your Inner Power:

Build a stronger, more resilient version of yourself.

Create Meaningful Friendships:

Make connections with like-minded men who support your growth.

There's no wifi in the forest, but you'll get a better connection 

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"In the rhythm of our daily existence, where success and responsibilities often predominate, Awama invites you to reflect on what really matters. It is time to free yourself from the roles and expectations that society imposes on us and to discover what really drives you as a man.

At Awama we encourage you to explore your unique path. What inspires you? What is your passion? Dare to be yourself, in all your complexity and authenticity. Discover that true power does not lie in suppressing emotions, but in embracing your true self.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery at Awama. Here is your moment to embrace your full potential. It is an opportunity to live from your deepest desires and aspirations, free and unfettered. Become the architect of your own life and experience the power of true authenticity and personal freedom."


Where the whispering of the wind and the rustling of the leaves invite you to let go of your thoughts and connect with your true nature.

AWAMA black.png

"In these dynamic times, we are challenged to redefine our masculine energy. How can we channel this power to create something meaningful? At Awama, a three-day journey from inner exploration to outer expression awaits you, where you will be given the space to to experiment with your true self.

Ask yourself: Is your life driven by passion or ruled by fear?

Do you live for the approval of others, or are you true to your own values?

Discover the transformation that happens when you embrace your full potential and truly trust yourself. Who or what is holding you back?

Dare to investigate what loyalty means to you and how it affects you.

Awama is more than a retreat; it is a journey to self-affirmation and courage, where you learn to walk your own unique path of strength and self-confidence.”

"Step out of the shadow of routine. Discover the untamed power of nature and find the real hero within yourself at Awama. Do you dare to take up the challenge?"


Discover the Power of Nature and Self-development at Awama

Are you a man who longs for a deep connection with nature and with yourself?

Awama offers a unique experience where nature and personal development come together.

Our retreat is specially designed for men who want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse themselves in the soothing beauty of nature. Here you will find the space to reflect, grow and rediscover yourself.

At Awama we combine outdoor activities with moments of introspection and self-work. Whether you are looking for inner peace, personal growth, or simply a moment of reflection in nature, our retreat offers the ideal environment.

Join a community of like-minded men who, like you, recognize the value of natural beauty and personal development. Together we create an experience that is not only refreshing for the body, but also enriching for the mind.


(Note: In groups with different languages, English is used as the main language.)


"Meet Mike De Roover, our Bushcraft Expert

At the age of 38, Mike De Roover, author of the book 'Bushcraft', brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Awama. With his deep understanding of nature he takes you on a journey from the head to the heart of nature.

Mike not only shares his extensive knowledge about plants and mushrooms, but he also lets you experience the art of surviving in nature. His sessions are more than learning; they are experiences that connect you with the natural world and help you leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind.

Prepare to be inspired by Mike's passion for nature and discover how this connection can help you live more in the moment and embrace your true potential.”

At the age of 45, Wim Verhoeven, "an experienced entrepreneur and coach" brings his expertise to Awama. As a counselor he helps people to delve deeper into their inner world. Wim believes that the core of our lives and experiences starts from within.

While Mike connects you with the outside world through nature, Wim takes you on a journey inward. He helps men go beyond superficial levels and truly get in touch with their inner selves. Wim uses various methods in his coaching, including breathwork and family constellations. Unique in his approach is the use of his two horses, Kierra and Hermosa, who play a special role in facilitating self-discovery and emotional connection.

Prepare for a profound experience with Wim, where you will learn to explore and understand yourself in ways you never thought possible."


"Spring Retreat 2024 at Awama Date:

May 24, 25, 26, 2024 Start: May 24 at 10:00 am

End: May 26 at 11:00 am

Immerse yourself in three days full of adventure, authenticity, inner work and friendship.

Under the guidance of Mike and Wim, you will experience an unforgettable experience that will enrich both your mind and body.

Cost: €599, everything included

This retreat is an investment in yourself, with every activity, session and moment carefully designed to give you a deep and authentic experience. The price includes all aspects of the retreat, so you can fully focus on your personal growth and connection with nature."


Listen to the podcast with Mike and Wim

Click here to listen to the podcast via Spotify 

(only in dutch at the moment)

Wat deelnemers van Awama vinden


It has brought me a lot, I am still recovering from it. Somehow I have been able to let go of some of my sadness and my self-confidence has grown enormously. I have had difficulty showing my emotions all my life, which has, among other things, created a distance between me and my wife. During the weekend where I met 6 wonderful men, under the guidance of Wim and Mike, it turned out that I was suddenly able to give free rein to my emotions. As Wim himself writes about something, I was literally able to take off a mask and it felt great. I have certainly always wanted to make myself look bigger to other men and to make myself appear better and stronger than I really was. Rooster behavior. When I was standing in a meadow somewhere, crying and cuddling with other men, I realized that I can indeed show my emotions, if it is to these men, why not to my own wife? After returning home my life changed completely. People around me see that I have visibly become much more relaxed and also mention this without being asked.  But the most important thing is that the relationship between me and my wife is better than it has ever been. She now sees in me the man she has always missed, we have had conversations like never before. I cried with her, something I had almost never done before.


I found the retreat very special and valuable. It has given me a completely different image of what a man is or can be.  It was a super pleasant group with sufficient diversity and yet a strong sense of connection and support. The most important thing I take away from the retreat is that I really started to get out of my head and into my body, physically feeling instead of rationally feeling and thinking, super grateful for that. It's just a start, but one that also points the way to what can be explored further. In addition, I also feel more powerful after the weekend, more supported and a lot more self-confidence. There too, it is a feeling that has been planted and will grow even further. Back home I notice a much more conscious peace, of course not always, but in many moments I now stand differently, more in myself, in my own strength - that is precisely my goal with which I went into the retreat: discovering who I really am .


A good combination of connecting with yourself, others and nature. Educational to find edible plants in nature. Breathing circle was an intense mental experience.


An experience that will remain in my heart forever, the loosening of stuck emotions, the rediscovery of your pure self by simply "being" in nature, the personal work and above all... the connection and enormous support from and with other men. A unique journey that started with a number of completely unknown men, completely different characters, completely different backgrounds that in no time grows into a harmonious interplay of seeing and being seen, whatever your pain or sadness, consciously or unconsciously. A place where humor, sadness, fear and love go hand in hand with the hunter, the builder, the macho. Being able to fall back on strangers who have become friends and where you know with full confidence that what you share is heard without judgment, but an extended hand, a hug and the necessary support. I will only fully realize later what it has brought me, the steps taken are unexpected, being able to (finally) easily share emotions again, daring to put yourself first (or at least the realization that it is possible and allowed) and still dare to enjoy more…

To participate, send us an email to reserve your spot at Awama


Om deel te nemen, stuur ons een e-mail om jouw plek bij Awama te reserveren

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