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Organisation development

We look forward to supporting your organization on the road to success

At Unfold Your Company we emphasize the crucial importance of well-being within organizations. We combine advanced breathwork techniques with personal, professional development strategies and coaching with horses in our workshops and retreats. This is underlined by a study showing that 80% of people do not breathe effectively, leading to stress, sleep problems and concentration problems. By focusing on breathwork, we help individuals and teams reduce stress and improve their well-being.

We understand that promoting a good working environment, regulating working hours and providing adequate support are essential, but meeting individual needs remains a challenge. That is why we emphasize the importance of self-development; when employees take good care of themselves, they can better express their specific needs and contribute to their personal and professional growth.

Our workshops not only stimulate individual growth, but also strengthen team spirit within organizations. By investing in employee development, companies notice that this leads to both individual and corporate growth. Employees who are in touch with themselves experience more satisfaction and happiness, which has a positive impact on the overall atmosphere and productivity of the company. By embracing this philosophy, an organization reaps the benefits of this positive energy, contributing to a healthier and more productive work environment.

In summary, the focus on stress reduction and the importance of effective breathwork is critical not only for the individual employee but also for the overall health and productivity of an organization.


Deep breathing brings deep thinking and shallow breathing brings shallow thinking. ~
-Andy Stanley- 


"Discover how Unfold's services improve productivity,
strengthen team building and well-being."

 Awareness and self-insight:

Improves self-awareness and insight into one's own strengths and weaknesses, which benefits cooperation and communication. 


Stress management:

Offers techniques such as breathwork and relaxation to effectively manage stress, leading to a healthier work environment.


Connection with the team:

Strengthens team relationships through authenticity and openness, which promotes a sense of belonging.


Personal growth:

Offer workshops that bring people closer to themselves and reveal their inner strength, making the team more resilient.



Encourages expression of thoughts and feelings, which contributes to creativity and communication within the team.


Holistic approach:

Integrates physical, mental and emotional aspects into our programs, leading to a balanced and comprehensive development of people and a harmonious working environment.

Although all our training is essentially individually focused, team training emphasizes the dynamics between the individual and the team. They focus on authenticity, openness, and emphasize the importance of interconnection within a team.

Unfold presents

 two different training options

for organizations.

In personal training, the focus is mainly on self-reflection and self-realization. We take the time to bathe in our inner world, discover potential blind spots, and emphasize self-reflection and learning self-regulation tools to effectively deal with stress.

How can we help your organization?

Workshops are tailor-made and are available on request, both at our location and on location.

We offer half/full days and retreats.



Does your organization long for a unique experience where self-development goes hand in hand with relaxation and fun?

While we cannot emphasize enough the crucial role of self-development, we also recognize the importance of relaxation and creating space for fun.

Unfold Yourself designs personalized retreats based on individual needs, size and budget.


From a return to basics to luxurious retreats.

What can you expect from a retreat with Unfold?

Self-realization is central, with an emphasis on the importance of breathwork, body awareness and self-expression as constant elements in our retreats. We also continually emphasize the power of nature and how we as humans are consciously or unconsciously part of it.

Each retreat is carefully developed in consultation. Whether it concerns teams that want to connect with each other on a deeper level, employees who are individually looking for depth, or managers who want to sharpen their personal development, the alternation of effort and relaxation makes it an unforgettable and, above all, valuable adventure. The effects will be felt for months to come, which is why we provide some follow-up processes after each retreat to support everyone in integrating the insights gained.

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