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Connected breathwork,

also known as 'conscious breathing', is a therapeutic technique that promotes both spiritual and emotional healing. It involves breathing deeply and continuously without pauses between inhalation and exhalation. This method helps release physical and emotional tensions, promotes relaxation and offers a path to deeper self-insight and spiritual awakening.

Therapeutic value:


✓ Emotional release: By releasing repressed emotions, traumatic experiences can be processed and healed.


✓ Stress reduction:It helps reduce stress and anxiety, leading to better overall well-being.


✓ Increased self-awareness: Stimulates self-reflection and self-awareness, which is essential for personal growth.



Spiritual value:

✓ Connection with the higher self: It provides a path to inner peace and connection with the higher self or spirituality.


✓ Increased intuition: Promotes a clearer understanding of personal intuition and inner wisdom.


✓ Energy release and balance: It can lead to a release of energy blockages and the restoration of energetic balance.


During a connected breathwork session:


Wim always starts with a short conversation, prepares the participant with relaxation exercises and explains the technique.


Breathing Process:

The participant(s) breathes deeply and continuously, often accompanied by music and Wim's instructions.



After the breathing session there is time for reflection and sharing experiences.



Wim helps the participant(s) to integrate the insights and experiences into daily life.


These sessions provide a powerful experience that can be transformative, with a focus on harmonizing body, mind and spirit.


Discover the strength of your infinite life force,  return to who you really are and awaken.


Connected breathing group circles

The power of connected breathwork in a group setting is enormous.

A unique process that every participant goes through.

This can resonate and touch something in others, and vice versa.

These shared experiences within the group dynamics can have a particularly healing and connecting effect.

At a time when physical and emotional distance between people is often greater, breathing together in a group offers a valuable opportunity for deep, real connection.

Together with professional guidance, Wim leads these group sessions with expertise and attention, creating a safe and supportive space for collective growth and self-discovery.

The sessions are designed to harness the group energy, which has a strengthening and healing effect for all participants.

You can find more information about the planned group sessions and register directly through this link.


 We also offer the opportunity for organizations, associations or private groups to organize special breathing sessions


Experience the power of connected breathwork in a group and discover a path to healing and connection, guided by Wim's expert approach.

Discover our exclusive one-on-one sessions, tailored to your personal development and growth. Choose from two carefully selectedprograms:

Experience the transformative power of connected breathwork with our specially designed pathways, tailored to your needs and path of self-discovery:


3-Session Program:

This package includes three intensive breathwork sessions. Ideal for those who want to discover the power of connected breathwork and take the first steps in their journey to self-awareness and healing.

380 euros

Amounts can be distributed flexibly across each session.


6-Session Intensive Program:

For an in-depth exploration and transformation, we offer a program of six breathwork sessions. This program is perfect for people who want to immerse themselves in the healing power of breathwork and create significant, lasting changes in their lives.


Amounts can be distributed flexibly across each session.

Each path is designed to guide and support you through your unique challenges and goals.

With our one-on-one sessions you invest in yourself, your well-being and your future.

Each trajectory offers a unique opportunity to work on personal growth, stress relief and emotional purification, under the guidance of an experienced facilitator.
A session lasts 2 hours.
Step into a world of inner peace and renewed energy with our connected breathwork programs.

Contact us 

If you are interested in creating one

transformative experience for a group or you wish to schedule a one-on-one session.

Before participating in a workshop or individual session with connected breathwork, it is essential to first carefully check the contraindications.

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